Trial of Champions

Bettle Juice

Session 2 Recap: Total XP earned 500
Special XP rewards – 50 to Alex and 50 to Sean

After leaving behind the ruins of the Inn, the party moved into a tunnel found by the Innkeeper’s son. Not far in the tunnel split. Chad decided to take the side passage as the rest of the party continued down the main path toward the sound of rushing water.

In the main tunnel the group came across a large waterfall that appeared to be pouring through a hole in the tunnel wall about 40 feet above them. The water formed a rather shallow pool before running across the tunnel and disappearing into the opposite wall. As they began to investigate the pool the ground beneath them shook and several giant beetles buried their way out and attacked.

a flash of light emanated from the hole in which the waterfall originated and Wilden Druid appeared seemingly out of nowhere. He fell down the waterfall and suffered minor injuries when he landed.



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